Our Transportation Cost Management process was originally developed at GE Capital to measure and control its $1 billion transportation activities. Since 1999 CTL has offered a proven system which allows companies to re-direct focus from tactical operations to strategic planning.

This management process combines four crucial aspects of transportation into an effective system that will produce solid gains in price reduction, carrier selection, freight payment, and performance measurement and evaluation. Combining these four elements is the key to driving continuous productivity improvement in the transportation management process.

  • Capitalize on the Benefits of Consolidated Price Negotiations
  • Maximize Savings and Productivity
  • Enterprise-wide communication of savings and productivity.
  • Simplify Costly Processing Functions
  • Improves cash flow, reduces duplicate payments and overcharges
  • Improves productivity – captures general ledger requirements, allocations, and accruals.
  • Measure and Evaluate Your Performance
  • Timely, accurate transportation performance reports.
  • Opportunity analysis for additional savings.
  • Root-cause analysis for changes in expenditures.